The maintenance Dos and Don’ts of mattress topper

A mattress topper is a great blessing to have for the comfort seekers. It enhances the quality of your sleep and also serves as a protective layer over our mattress. They allow us to take excellent rest and prepare us to take all the hectic challenges of the coming day. If you analyze well after using a quality mattress topper then you would probably rate it as the most important part of all the furniture present at your home. When it comes to the caring of our topper then most of us are found in the ‘set and forget’ kind of a mode. We hardly remember that when was the last time we washed our topper or when was the last time when we had flipped or rotated it.

However, if you have a closer look, then you will find that caring for your mattress is not such a big deal as it looks. There are a few crucial dos and don’ts and knowing and following such things would make your life much easier for the maintenance of your toppers. The Do’s should be religiously followed and the don’ts should be completely avoided to ensure hassle free maintenance of your mattress topper:

The Do’s of the mattress topper maintenance

The following are the major Do’s of the maintenance of the mattress toppers which must be followed:

  • Do a thorough vacuuming of your mattress topper at least once in every 3 months. You can consider doing more or less depending on the frequency of using the topper.
  • Do make use of a mattress topper cover if possible. It will make the cleaning process quite simple and seamless.
  • Do make sure to keep on flipping around your topper after every few weeks. This will keep all the sides proper and well maintained all through the years.
  • Do keep the bed-skirts or the bed sheets always well above the floor. This will avoid getting the dust mites or the bed bugs to the topper and the mattress underneath.
  • Do make use of the normal upholstery shampoo for the proper cleaning of your topper.
  • Do remove the bed sheets completely off the topper if you are planning to go for a long vacation.
  • Do ensure that you timely replace all the broken materials of your bedding system as an improper or an incompetent base could affect both the quality and the comfort of using your mattress topper.
  • Do allow proper ventilation to your topper before you take it for a wash. This will counter the entire unpleasant odor present in the topper.
  • Do look to give your mattress topper a few hours of bright sunshine. This will freshen up the topper and it would also treat it for different types of allergies, such as that of the dust mites.

The Don’ts of the mattress topper maintenance

The following are the significant Don’ts of the mattress topper maintenance which must be avoided:

  • Don’t look to drink, eat over your mattress topper. You must also avoid smoking over the unit. It’s better not to have such things used over your topper as there are chances you trip them onto the surface and it would be harmful.
  • Don’t look to remove the instructions tag/ label from the topper. You may need to refer it every now and then for proper maintenance.
  • Don’t ever try to use any of the dry cleaning chemicals, even it if comes from a renowned maker. As if you do so you may get your topper damage decolored or get affected in a harsh way. In order to keep it safe from any hazards you should be keeping that in mind.
  • Don’t try to bend or fold up your mattress too often or in too compact manner. It would make it feel lumpy and may not feel as comfortable as it was before.
  • Don’t allow your kids or anyone else to jump or even stand over the mattress topper. Standing or jumping could apply a lot of weight over the mattress topper at some particular spot and thus deteriorate its quality.

Some useful tips for treating the bugs on your mattress topper


A lot of people have misconceptions, that the bed bugs are the thing associated with the past and there is no such thing like that associated with the bedding set anymore. But, in reality, they are still there and stronger than ever before. The decrease in the use of pesticides and the increased travel has caused the stronger return of the bed bugs.

The majority of the pest controllers operating in different parts of the world report that they receive frequent phone calls about the problem of the bed bugs. It is very unfortunate to find out that many hotels are compromising the quality and the standards by becoming infested. People on the travel using hotels get bitten by the bed bugs and at worst; they carry this trouble to their homes where the bed bugs are multiplied. There are a number of things that you can do which we will find out in the next sections to come.

The preventive measures that you can take to avoid the bed bugs:

The first and foremost advice is always to take preventive measures in order to ensure that there is no possibility of the triggering of the bed bug issue in your mattress or topper. If you are taking the preventive measures, then the chances would be least for getting your topper infected from the bed bugs which comes with people from outside your house. The following are a couple of things which you can do to prevent the bed bugs issue:

  • Just like you would cover your mattress with a bed sheet with your pillow and a pillow case, you must cover the mattress topper too with a nice clean cover. The cleanliness of the cover must be ensured and the thing should be taken for a regular wash.
  • The bed bugs usually spread through the air ducts and other small openings so there must be a regular pest control ensured to be taken regularly. Such a practice would be helpful in avoiding the pests to enter to your mattress topper.

Travelling care:

If you are travelling then the following are the things which you must ensure:

  • Make sure that you always use the luggage rack for placing your luggage. The luggage must never be placed over the carpet or the bed.
  • Make sure that you check your hotel bed for any signs of bed bugs by inspecting the mattress and the toppers at their corner.
  • Wash your clothes in hot water immediately after coming home if you suspect the presence of the bed bugs.

How to treat the bed bug issues:

If the problem has occurred of the bed bugs despite taking the preventive measures, then you can do the following:

  • Tossing of the mattress is not a solution and the problem can severely trigger.
  • Vacuum the topper and the mattress thoroughly and promptly dispose the vacuum bag in a sealed container.
  • Always ensure that your exterminator is not using bait, but the old fashion bug spray. The bed bugs are the blood feeders and bait doesn’t work for them.

These are some precautionary measures you can consider to avoid or get rid of bed bugs. Unfortunately, when there are bugs the comfort and a relaxed sleep is not possible and you ‘ll have to remove all such pests in order to have a good sleep.

Be sure to teat your mattress topper thoroughly to remove any bugs that are there. You can either use a spray yourself or ask for help from the professional teams.

Who should buy a memory foam mattress topper?

A mattress topper is designed to be placed on top of your old or existing mattress. The mattress topper is mainly used for two purposes; either your existing mattress is new and too firm for your back or your mattress is losing the consistency and you want to protect it with a mattress topper. A good mattress topper placed over a steady underlying mattress will add comfort to your sleep and boost your overall sleep and resting cycle. A mattress topper will add life to your existing mattress and help you save money by eliminating the need for buying a new base mattress.

how to select memory foam mattress - Best mattress topper

It is made from a special material known as “visco-elastic”. A memory foam has high density and a temperature sensitive texture which will adjust itself according to your sleeping posture and body pressure points. The mattress topper will counter your body temperatures by softening itself from points of high temperatures, thus providing maximum comfort and least pressure to your body. It will return back to its original state once the body pressure is relieved.

A memory foam mattress topper is highly recommended by sleep experts and mattress manufacturing industries. The unique temperature sensitive attribute and thick foam density, without the support of springs, makes it a great combination for a comfortable and well rested sleep experience. Old spring mattresses lose their firmness and elasticity which ultimately results in disturbed sleeping patterns. You should consider buying a memory foam mattress topper if you are experiencing any of the following sleep problems:

Waking up with back ache and stiff neck:

Best memory foam mattress topper

A worn out spring mattress will not support your sleeping body as much and the saggy loops in the mattress will cause backache and other muscular pains such as stiff neck. If you find yourself struggling to stand straight on your back every morning and feel stiffness of body muscles then it’s about time to change your mattress or get a support of memory foam mattress topper. This will add a layer of flexibility and suppleness to your existing mattress. Its high density will support your body in all sleeping postures while the temperate sensitive attribute will evenly distribute your body weight into the mattress reducing the pressure of gravity on your body. The mattress topper will provide you a light and wispy sleeping experience and you will wake up all fresh and dandy!

Difficulty sleeping on a new mattress:

A new mattress can be too firm and stiff to sleep on and its gets flexible with time. Some people find it hard to sleep on a new mattress. If you are used to of sleeping on a soft, fluffy bedding you might not like your newly bought mattress as much and end up having problematic sleep patterns. Instead of waiting for your new mattress to gain some flexibility and lose your sleep over it, you can consider buying a memory foam mattress topper. It will provide you instant comfort and a smooth sleepy night. The  foam topper will also protect your underlying new mattress.

A treatment for arthritis and sciatica pain:

The first recommendation of doctors for relief of arthritis and sciatica pains is to change your sleeping mattress. Memory foam has gained the largest approval of people for helping in pain relief and providing a comfort sleep. Instead of replacing your existing mattress with an expensive memory foam mattress you can consider buying a memory foam topper.

Nothing can be compared to the value of a good night sleep and a well rested body therefore it is important to solve your sleeping problems and A memory foam topper is a great solution for several of our sleeping problems.

For which purposes it can be used?

A memory foam topper can be used for several different purposes. It  has the ability to absorb the heat energy and pressure dissipated from our bodies. Its exclusive feature is the ability to evenly distribute the body weight throughout the mattress and provide an evenly soft and comfortable sleeping layer to your body. This mattress topper is mainly used to stabilize the wearing out old mattress and secure it from further damage while improving the overall sleep experience. However, there are several other purposes for which a memory foam topper can be used.

  1. You can use the memory foam topper on top of your existing sofa bed. Sofa beds are usually too soft in the middle and they get saggy when you regularly sleep on them. Using a mattress topper for the very beginning, will not only protect the underlying sofa foam but also provide you a long comfortable sleep that would not have been possible otherwise.
  2. A mattress topper is a great way to protect yourself from allergies and bed worms that might be present in your hotel room beds while travelling. You can easily carry it while travelling and use it on top of your bed to add a protection layer.
  3. These toppers are also great for using in your camper van beds. They are easy to carry and fold and they are dense enough to provide you the feeling of a soft mattress without the presence of an underlying mattress.
  4. A memory foam mattress topper also comes in handy when you have guests staying over at your place. They adequately make up for the shortage of beds and can provide a great bedding for kids and young adults.
  5. You can use a memory foam topper in your kids room and create a soft and spongy play place for them.

How it works to provide maximum comfort?

A memory foam mattress topper is designed particularly to provide maximum comfort and support to your body while you are sleeping or resting. It was initially designed in 1966 and its sole purpose was to improve the safety of NASA aircraft cushions. The high density, temperature sensitive foam was designed to mould itself according to the pressure and heat energy released from the human body. Further advancements in memory foam development lead to its usage for medical purposes and owing to its great “viscoelastic” features sleep experts created a memory foam exclusively for comfort sleeping and a means for relieving various body aches while sleeping.

Best mattress topper good for people

The memory foam topper works in three different ways to provide maximum comfort, ease and relief to the tired body.

       1.Temperature Sensitivity:

A memory foam mattress topper is temperature sensitive and it will become softer and flexible by absorbing the heat from your body. As you lie down on the mattress your body will release heat energy which when absorbed by   foam topper will make the mattress more flexible and elastic. It will fit nicely along your body curves and contours and as a result the pressure will be released from the pressure points of the body such as shoulders and neck. A memory foam topper thus provides a luxurious and soothing sleep experience.


Density is another important aspect of a memory foam topper. Thicker and denser memory foam will provide greater comfort and relaxation as compared to the mattress of lesser thickness. Memory foam with a greater density will be more elastic and durable. It will get back to its original shape more quickly while a low-density mattress topper will stop retaining its original shape after a while and will eventually lose its elasticity. A density of 4.5lb to 6.0 lb is considered to be ideal for a memory foam topper but lesser densities of 2-4 lbs are also available.

        3.Hygiene and Environment Friendly:

A memory foam topper is hypoallergenic and has a natural resistance towards dust mites. Therefore, with a memory foam mattress you never have to worry about bed bugs or mattress allergies. You can easily carry it along your travels and use it as a protection layer while using hotel bedrooms. It is made up of latex free material and does not cause any harm to the surrounding environment. Cleanliness is an important aspect and hypoallergenic nature of mattress topper provides a great relief and lets you sleep comfortably without having to worry about any kind of uncertain problems.

It is important to enjoy your memory foam topper and gain the benefit of a full night warm, cozy and comfortable sleep. However, in order to reap maximum benefits from your memory foam topper, the base mattress plays a critical role. The base mattress must have a firm and steady surface otherwise your memory foam topper will also become saggy and uncomfortable. Chose a memory foam topper if your underlying mattress has lost its flexibility otherwise the memory foam topper will also sink in at the same places as your underlying mattress and the sleep quality will also be further deteriorated.

How to take care of a memory foam mattress topper?

How care your best mattress topper

Like all other foams and mattresess, a memory foam mattress topper also requires proper maintenance and care to improve its durability and keep it clean and comfortable for a long time. Below are some steps that you can follow to keep your memory foam topper in shape.

  1. Regularly rotate and change the direction of your memory foam topper. It will prevent the formation of permanent body impressions on the mattress topper and keep it in shape for a long time.
  2. You can use mattress pads to protect the surface of mattress topper from stains and discoloration. If the cover of your mattress topper is removable, remove and wash it every now and then.
  3. Sponge cleaning can also be used on the memory foam mattress topper to remove any kind of stains and spots. Make sure that you properly rinse out stained water and any soap residue from the mattress surface. Leave the mattress to air dry for at least 12 hours.
  4. On sunny days, put out your mattress in sun to kill any kind of bacteria and eliminate body odors.
  5. Make sure that the underlying mattress provides a good and steady support to the mattress topper. A worn out and saggy mattress will damage the elasticity of mattress topper as well.


All the mattress toppers reviews reveal that the best mattress topper is the one which gives you value for money, performance, durability and above all the comfort which people never look to compromise upon. There are hundreds of variables which you need to evaluate for judging the quality and the value of a topper. Help yourself by taking advice from an expert or reading out the top reviews about the product. The best approach is to buy brand name which is always a safe choice. Conclusively, there are toppers for every need and you can surely buy a specific mattress where every inch of the mattress will be according to your specification.

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