The relation of mattress and back pain

Almost everyone has back pain once or twice in their life. According to science researches, there are many reasons that may cause this problem, such as: poor nutrition diet, smoking, stresses, mental depression, weight gaining… However, one of obvious and direct reason is how you manage and take care of your back. And this may be reflected through your sleeping habit and the type of your mattress.

So which kind of mattress is the best for back pain and to prevent back issues?


The most popular method to determine which mattress is suitable for your back is simply based on its impact to your back. From this point of view, a best mattress must have an ability to equally support from every single spot. Which means that mattress must not have any gap for air going through because support ability in gap spots and other spots are different. Moreover, weight should be evenly distributed across mattress to avoid unnecessary pressure placed on some parts of the back. And the most important thing, as we mentioned above, a mattress must be suitably firm according to your health status. A good mattress should make user comfortable, no matter how comfortable other people feel.

Back issues of each person is different so there is no common rule to find a best mattress. However, the important point is clearly know the mattress’ role in nursing your back and choose yourself a suitable mattress.

Experts have estimated that there is 80% of the world population will suffer from back pain some time in their lives. Its manifestation is diverse such as: dull ache for a long time to sudden pain. Back pain can arise suddenly because of falling down or damages or increase for a long time.

You can totally avoid worse back pain from early determination and minimalize the pain and discomfort. There are countless treatments for back pain and in which there are many effective measures, but the best way is to have a right mattress. But if you have back pain you should not lay for too long, you should do your daily activities and works as normal because long resting is not good for your back. Physical practicing, doing exercises will motivate recovery process naturally.

It truly matters when you sleeping with some other. The more sleeping space is, the more relaxing you can feel to start a brand new day in peace. You should touch and pat the surface of a mattress. If you can feel the springs under it, then it may not contain eanough material inside and cause you an annoying feeling that springs poke your back. If you pat the mattress and feel gap in it, it may not be qualified as a standard product with right technique, parts of mattress are connected sporadically and it is risky for you to use a mattress like that. Other thing, you are always likely to spill a little bit of coffee or other stains on the mattress, the best way to avoid that mess is placing a bed sheet over or just a blank would be okay.

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