Best Price Mattress’s 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress 2018

This is Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

There are some features:

  • Comfortable mattress combines memory foam with the traditional support of an innerspring mattress for a medium-firm feel
  • A cozy layer of memory foam is quilted in the soft, knit fabric mattress cover
  • A 1.5 inch layer of foam beneath the quilted top layer helps to minimize pressure points
  • Mattress is compressed and shipped in a box for convenient delivery and setup
  • Queen mattress measures 60″ x 80″ x 8″ and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warrant


These best mattresses for side sleepers are available in different sizes. These sizes include:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King

Add the pressure point relief of memory foam to the reliable support of a traditional spring mattress, and you have the revolutionary comfort of the hybrid mattress. A layer of memory foam is quilted in the soft, knit cover and placed over a 1.5 inch layer of comfort foam to create an incredibly comfortable sleep surface. The foam conforms to the unique curves of your body to minimize pressure points. Beneath the foam top, 6-inch steel coils offer the support and durability of a spring mattress. This design distributes body weight to contour and support as you sleep. The spring layer provides the traditional bounce many like in an innerspring mattress, and improves the breathability of the mattress. This mattress is rolled and shipped in a box for convenient delivery and setup. Simply take the box to the proper room, carefully remove packaging, and watch as the mattress expands to its true size. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that guards against manufacturer defect.


There are some reviews:

Oldest toddler would not get out of our bed. It took almost 3 years and 4 different “highly rated” beds to finally end up with this mattress from linenspa….

We took a trip to a hotel once and our toddler slept on the extra full size bed. That’s when I realized he wants to be grown up. He wants to sleep on our bed all the time because toddler beds are not as comfortable as grownup beds. So I scoured the net for a good quality mattress for our son. We looked online, and in stores and let him try them all out. None. We looked and looked and looked. Until finally I got so sick of looking and just bought this one because, it’s cheap and it’s prime. If he doesn’t like it, I won’t shudder at the thought of money chucked in the trash or wasted efforts and the hassle of return shipping.


He sleeps in it. He actually preferred it to his Thomas bed and to his other regular cribs and baby mattresses – those things should be for kids who are at risk for SIDS. Not toddlers who want to experience good sleep

The best part is not that he’s out of our bed….that is the best part, but even better is that he sleeps through the whole night on this mattress. He never slept the whole night on our mattress, even when he was the only one on it.
I tried it out one night for an hour just one hour just to see whats so comfortable about it, and I woke up the next morning still on it
I try to secretly sleep on it sometimes lol
But he always kicks me out of it and I end up in our bed that isn’t even leveled anymore. It’s slumped on the side my husband sleeps. We spent close to 1000 for that bed and it’s damaged after 3 years. But the linenspa mattress has lasted over a year in perfect condition. It was so cheap.

We ordered another one a few months ago as well which we use in our bedroom since he doesn’t share it with anyone

I dont know what other words in the English vocabulary to use to explain how thrilled I was when he slept by himself through the night but if you have kids, you know. And if you don’t yet, you will soon understand why this may be the greatest milestone for a parent

Greatest.sleep.ever. since we found this bed



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