Great Tips on Cleaning Your Side Sleeper Mattress

To keep enjoying the nights filled with deep sleep and peace, you need to make sure that your mattress is as clean as possible. This helps to avoid attracting pests and allergens that could make sleeping harder for you. The cleaning process if done properly can also help the mattress last long and allow it to serve you better. Once you make the purchase, it is almost certain that the mattress will start to collect dirt. Knowing how to clean once in a while ensures that you get all the benefits that have been mentioned above.

Prevention and protection.

Once you have made the decision to buy mattress, you might also want to consider buying a topper. It is a great tool that helps to ensure that the dirt does not get to the mattress for starters which can be quite hard to clean. Toppers are much easier to clean and do not take a lot of time. By using these, you have better chances of ensuring that you keep your mattress cleaner for longer without having to invest too much time and energy.


Should the time come where you really have to clean the mattress, you should consider vacuuming it first. This will help get rid of all the loose dirt which can include locks of hair, dead skin cells and any other debris that might have found its way on to the bed. However, you should always make sure that you use clean upholstery when vacuuming the best side sleeper mattress. This way, you do not end up making things even worse and making sleeping for you almost impossible. When vacuuming, do not forget to clean under the bed and also on the platform where the mattress is placed to give it a good and thorough cleaning.


As your mattress grows older, it is likely going to collect a lot of dirt and debris. Because of this, it develops its own fragrance which in most instances is a repulsive one and can make it harder for you to sleep. To fight this and give your mattress a more soothing fragrance, sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let it sit there for about 2 hours. This is a great natural deodorant that will not only ensure that you get good results but is also cheaper compared to buying a fabric refresher which might not be as effective.

Spot cleaning.

It is always advised that you should not eat or drink in bed. It is not just a bad habit, but it is also harder to clean off the bed. However, should you for any reason get a stain on your mattress, there are a number of ways that you can remove it using spot cleaning. The reagents that you can use in this case will largely vary depending on what caused the stain but basically, you will be require to get a damp cloth and rub it against the stain.

Using these cleaning tips regularly will ensure that you have a great mattress that is ever clean and conducive for you to get some sleep without striking your allergies.

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