How to buy a mattress from top mattress brands

Experts no longer believe in the theory of “the harder the better” for a mattress. Consumers should buy a comfortable mattress from top mattress brands with quality and reputation.

If you are over 40 then you should choose a softer mattress than your old one, your skin is now more sensitive. The hardness of mattress is totally different, it depends on the manufacturers, you should go to the store and feel it yourself, for online shopping, you should put your trust on top mattress brands.

Window-shopping in stores:

Studying mattress market, checking brand’s rate and having a field trip in mattress stores is a necessary thing. Always rememer that buying a foam mattress in separated stores with different labels but it might be the same, you should check the cover, the inside and also the price of each.

This is a common problem of mattress manufacturer and it makes comparison of mattress and prices in stores more difficult for consumers. You can take a look but still be confusing for what is out the market.

You can try to choose your favorite brands and compare different models in their showroom instead of “swimming” in tons of average brands which do not ensure you a high quality mattress with low prices. After narrowing down to your favorite 2 to 3 top mattress brands , you now can sort out which kind of mattress is suitable for your budget and interests.

Try it first!

Do not ever buy a mattress without trying it first right in the store. You should wear comfy outfit and an easily removed pair of shoes so you can be ready to try any mattress. If you shares your bed with your boyfriend/ girlfriend or husband/ wife … you should go with them to try mattress for your bed. If you feel some kind of being embarrassed for trying a mattress in a store in front of public’s eyes then you should think about it again. You might spend 1/3 of your life on that potential mattress so spending some minutes on it first is nothing.

You should put the mattress stand up and look if it was distorted or falling. It may be a sign of bad sewing from low quality manufacturer. Other than checking texture and sewing techniques of mattress, you also have to check material on the surface. A cool, comfy surface would be great for your good night sleep.

Now, you can assess your very first reactions on each mattress. If you like it, spend a little time to lay on both side, lay on your back, lay procumbently, spend even more time with your usual sleeping positions in your favorite spot on the mattress. It might take 10 to 15 minutes to lay on a mattress that you like is not really eanough. Don’t be embarrassed just because salers looking at you, just focus on experiencing the mattress’ comfort. Our advice is “do not let other people incite you to buy anything. Listen to your body and put your mind and heart into the product”.

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