How To Care For Your Mattress

The most soothing feeling when walking from your living room is knowing that you are walking right into comfort. What can define comfort better than a good mattress? Well, the good does not just come from the mattress; you need to make it good. Knowing how to care for your mattress is the key to bringing comfort to your bedroom. Try a few tricks and that bed will be beckoning even before nightfall.


Before you lie on it, you will definitely need to set up your sleep set. Proper installation makes your bed have the right feeling. Do not do it if you are not sure about the procedures. Asking the stores personnel for help does not make you a lesser man. Proper installation prevents damages and it will ensure your nights are the best periods of the 24 hours. Ensure the bed frame is secure as well as the box springs because your mattress will definitely last longer if you get the installation bit right.

Regular Flipping

Who likes monotony? Well, I bet if you are reading this you don’t even like hearing the word. Sleeping on a mattress that is positioned the same way you installed it can be very monotonous. Regular flipping and rotating is good for prolonged quality sleep. Because your body is not a geometric shape, it tends to form impressions in your mattress and these are not very healthy. They will go deeper if you sleep at the same points and you will even be rolling into them when you lie.

Flip your mattress the moment you feel or see any impressions forming. It will prolong the life of the mattress and you will also have better slumber.

Always Keep it Clean

If you value your sleep, then cleaning your mattress often is a must. The mattress tends to accumulate dust particles and you should vacuum it as often as you do for your bedroom. Apart from dust, some stains could also get to your sleep set. Don’t be afraid to use a little soapy water if this happens. Rub the mattress to remove the stains then make sure it’scompletely dry before replacing the bed sheets and duvets.

Sometimes, you feel odors on your mattress and these can workreally well to ward off sleep. It can be quite tricky how to get rid of these. Relax! Here is a simple home-made solution. Just sprinkle some baking soda on the surface then wait for 20 minutes and vacuum.  Odors can also be eliminated simply by letting the mattress have some fresh air. Leave your mattress uncovered and ensure the room is well ventilated for several hours. It will surprise you how fresh that box can smell.

Vacuuming is the best way to clean it. Don’t ever be tempted to dry clean or soak your mattress.

Avoid Jumping

Avoid converting your bedroom into a playground. The temptation to jump on the mattress can be overwhelming especially during those ecstatic moments. It is not a spring box, it is meant for peaceful moments. Jumping on your mattress reduces its life span greatly and makes it quite uncomfortable. Even the kids, light as they might seem can do harm to the mattress if they go jumping on it as if it were a trampoline.

Good Support

For quality sleep, use the best bed frame. Your mattress needs good support especially if it’s one of those big sizes. A good frame should have a strong support in the middle to avoid warping and even breakage.

Edges Can age

The edges of your mattress might look tough but they will also wear out just like the central parts. Most people have that best part on the mattress edge where they sit before waking up in the morning or just when chilled out, working on the laptop. Try not to be sitting at the same spot always. This can be difficult but you realize it comes automatically if you flip and rotate your mattress often.

Covering it Right

The best cover for a mattress is very essential. Find the best quality that can take up the spills and stains before they reach your mattress. Besides quality, look out for your favorite colors. This will make your sleep set worth caring for.

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