5 Tips for getting a good Night’s sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Our body thrives on this shut eye, providing our minds with replenishment and overall well-being. Sadly, many people fall short of getting the recommended amount of sleep each night and that is causing detrimental effects for those individuals. Studies show that a lack of sleep causes poor decision-making abilities, reduce productivity and you increase the risk of becoming involved in an automobile accident, among other consequences.

There are numerous reasons why an individual fails to obtain the proper amount of sleep at night, from stress and anxiety to worry, to wonder and so many others. If you are not getting the recommended amount of sleep each night, now is the time to change this bad habit. You’ll feel better, look better and be much healthier when you give your body this much needed rest time. Take a look at these 5 (surprising) tips that can help you sleep well each night. Put them to good use and regain that special part of life that you’ve been missing.

  1. Set a Bed Time

Your body needs a bedtime. This should be the same time each night, and the time when you begin to feel yourself getting tired. Start preparing for bed 15 minutes before time to get underneath the cover by reducing the amount of light in the room, shutting off phones, TVs and other electronics and, if you’ve not already, putting on your night clothes after a nice warm shower.  When you set a regular bedtime, it will be much easier to rest and get the sleep that your body needs.

It has been noted that people who have a regular schedule of a timely sleep habit, they are able to enjoy a better sleep throughout the night.

  1. Check your Mattress

Believe it or not the mattress that you are sleeping on could be the cause of those sleepless nights. If you have a mattress that is older than 10 years old it is time to start looking for a new set. You’ve gotten plenty of use from the mattress and it is now time to move on. Old mattresses can cause sleep disturbances for several reasons, from coils and springs poking out to simply wear and tear that has caused bumps, knots and other haphazard in the mattress.

If you are a side sleeper, then go for buying a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress. It would bring comfort and complete body support for you to give a good night’s rest. Along with a complete comfort and support to your body these mattresses have a special temperature control technology. You will never feel itchy or sweaty while sleeping. And for this reason you can sleep for the whole night without having any issues.

  1. Leave the Stress Behind

Stress is known as the silent killer because when left untreated, it can cause heart disease and a number of other deadly conditions. Most of us can feel when we are stressed and are very much aware of the cause of that stress. If you want to sleep better at night you must get your stress in check and learn how to better manage it. Stress will certainly make sleep a rare occurrence because there is so much on your mind weighing it down. Learn relaxation techniques, and if necessary see a professional for further assistance. Meditation is beneficial for many people. Although it takes a bit of time to master the art of meditation it is worth the task of learning.

  1. Pillow Talk

Just as it is important to have a nice mattress, you should also have nice, fluffy pillows to lay your head on. The pillows should be firm and supportive. Investing in a good pair of pillows is a good idea, especially if you’re lacking in the sleep department. A more cozy pillow (and mattress, if need be) could help you catch those ZZZs that you’ve been missing. You can have a specialized pillow like a memory foam pillow that has special filling and is designed in a way to cater to your neck and head perfectly.

Sometimes the sleep problems and disturbances arise due to the uneasy posture while sleeping on an uneven pillow and your neck and head are not supported in a balanced way. This may cause pain in your neck and will disturb your sleep. In case you decide to get a contoured pillow for a balanced neck and head support or a memory foam pillow you will get a comfortable sleep having to pain pain issues at all.

  1. Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol before Bed

Alcohol and caffeine are two beverages that you should avoid before bedtime. Caffeine, of course, acts as a stimulant and causes an increase in energy. All you want to do is go to sleep, but the caffeine has other ideas in store. On the other hand, alcohol is a depressant that will cause you to dose off, quickly and soundly, but wake frequently throughout the night, toss and turn and otherwise fail to get that deep sleep that is needed to be your best the next day. Try removing these two beverages from your nighttime routine. After a few days you should be able to once again get the sleep that you deserve.

Sleep is perfect for you

No matter your age or gender or the lifestyle that you lead, getting the right amount of sleep is important. It is only when you are well-rested that you will feel your best, look your best and be the overall best person that you can be. It could be changes as simple as those listed above that help you sleep well every single night. Put them to good use and get the sleep that you so desperately need. If all else fails, visit a sleep specialist that can rule out any health problems that could be causing your inability to get a good night of rest.

The science of the perfect nap

Many studies have demonstrated that a short nap can improve your memory, reduce stress and help you lose weight. But when is the right time and how to prepare a good sleep? Some tips below can give us some science methods.

Sleep on time

Napping is the most effective when the biological system is sagged. The reasonable period is proposed from 12 pm to 1 pm. The sleep is earlier or later can cause insomnia at night.

According to Michael A. Grandner, an expert on sleep and neuron Physiology University of Pennsylvania, USA, said that an ideal nap usually ranges from 20 to 30 minutes. If you sleep more, you will fall in deep sleep. When waking up, you have a sense of sluggish, do not want to continue to work after that. Therefore, you should try to give a napping habit for yourself and your brain.

Find and enjoy a nap

If you do not like or can not nap, let’s think about protecting and maintaining the health. The research of Michael A. Grandner also pointed out a few tips to make yourself familiar feeling in the office:

  • There is a soft and light blanket or pillow.
  • Investment for a nap by a lavender spray bottle, and spray in a pillow or sleeping space.

Although you are in a place other than the bedroom in your house, such as office, when exposed to the smell of lavender, your brain will feel sleepy. The studies at Wesleyan University, USA has demonstrated lavender will help us have a better sleep.

If you have tried many ways, but you still not get a nap, you should be calm. If you are wriggling and can not stop thinking, you should have gently relaxed, instead of sitting up and continue working with computers. The advice is that you close your eyes for 20 minutes and stretch the body, so the body will easily regain energy.

The effect of naps

Improve memory

According to a survey from Northwestern University, USA, people can play music with more accurately if they play after a nap.

Another study from the University of California San Diego, the United States, people often use food or drinks that contain caffeine will have a memory worse than those who take a nap.

Reduce stress

A Japanese research concluded that leave aside temporarily the pressures of work to go to nap helps people become wide awake and control work pressure.

A practical example in this study: the nurses are on night duty and take turn having two naps about 15-minute in 9-hour on duty, they will reduce stress and pressure more than the nurse did not have this mode.

Sleeping less will feel hungry more

Michael J. Breus, the author of weight-loss plan book, said that if we always get insomnia or lack of sleep, try to have short sleep and deep sleep cycle to complete the weight loss.

The researchers by the University of Chicago and Stanford has proven, when people sleep less, the amount of leptin will be reduced while the amount ghrelin increase. That is the reason why people feel hungry and think about food more than people who take a nap.


Treatment sleep disorders

Sleep is essential for health, safety and optimal performance of work, lack of sleep affects mood and your behavior and reduce labor efficiency. Let’s care about yourself and take the time to sleep. Remember that sleep is the best choice to protect health, it is as important as exercise and good nutrition for a healthy life.

Sleep is a process that helps the body recover after a busy day. But this can not be done when you have insomnia, limb movement disorder or stop breathing during the sleep many times that make you sleepy in the next day.

Most patients do not know they got sleep disorders. Some symptoms of sleep disorder such as:

Insomnia: the inability to sleep or staying asleep. Insomnia describes the condition of people feels irreversible health after waking up. The symptoms can be acute (lasting one to several nights) or chronic (more than 1 month).

Apnea: this is a disorder which can threat to life because of stopping respiration in a short time and repeatedly during sleep. The symptoms include loud snoring, apnea, gasping during sleep and daytime sleepiness.

Snoring: a common condition in all ages and in both sexes. It affects about 90 million American adults. Snoring is caused by vibration of pattern when the airway becomes blocked, lead to abnormal breathing and disrupt sleep.

Limb movement disorders: a disorder affects the limbs that causes sleeplessness at night and affects normal activities. The limb movement disorders cycle occurs regularly. Especially when starting sleepiness and spontaneous, you can not control this movement.

Treating sleep disorders

In general, treatment of sleep disorders is divided into three phases:

Phase one – evaluate:

Phase one is the initial assessment included a history and examination, depending on the patient which doctor will do tests as diagnostic imaging, blood tests, multiple sign sleep.

The second phase – treatment:

With the results obtained from the phase one, the doctor will schedule the treatment for each individual, this plan is designed to help your own maximum sleep efficiency recovery.

Depending on your sleep disorder and the severity of the disorder, treatment may include medication therapy, behavior change, using dental instruments, bringing sleep apnea devices, surgery, etc.

Phase three – care after initial treatment:

Regularly re-examined to ensure the results of treatment of sleep disorders. The changes in your sleep after treatment will have conditions to be monitored to ensure intervention and appropriateness.

The Clothes For A Nice Sleep

The tight clothes or pajamas with the waist part will not be beneficial for the secretion of sweat and temperature regulation of the body. Even, it also affects blood circulation in the long term and can lead to swelling, paralysis, etc.

In addition, the tight pajamas also make you feel cramped, frustrating, difficult to turn around or change position during sleep. Therefore, it also makes us more prone to nightmares. Therefore, please choose spacious and comfortable clothes when sleeping.

Elegant color clothes

The bright colors like bright red, yellow, orange can stimulate the nervous system and make us feel worried, they are not good for sleep. Besides, the dark pajamas often contain many chemicals, very harmful to the skin, and can lead to cancer.

You should choose elegant color clothes with pale pink, green, and beige. It can help us relax and make more comfortable.

Friendly material

Even in the cold weather season, you should choose the bed clothes with soft materials, thin and airy. The thickness material often increases friction with the bed that affects physical and makes us feel tired after waking up. Even, it also prevents the muscles relax and make us difficult to change posture, sleeping position. Besides, the chemical fiber fabrics, woolen can cause static electricity, irritation, decreased immunity and neurological disorders. Not only that, they do not absorb sweat, unhealthy benefits.

Therefore, when choosing pajamas, you should choose the natural material, breathable, absorb sweat well, do not irritate the skin and provides a soft feel and comfortable as silk, cotton.

Avoid instant dresses

Sleepwear often instant body, it is difficult for us to move, change your posture or back while sleeping. Especially, if you wear jewelry, instant dresses body can make them forced into the body. This does not only affect the bone but also affect the respiratory system, the body will easy get cold.

A separate pajamas is the right choice. It can help us sleep easier, and also very comfortable to turn around or change position.

In addition, you should also avoid pajamas with hat or collar. It will form the folds and rubbed into the body, squashed neck. This causes poor circulation, lack of blood to supply for the brain.

The Disadvantages Of Sleeping In Bed Late

Sleeping in bed late will increase your risk of heart disease, obesity or diabetes.

Why do people like to stay in bed late?

There are many reasons to explain this habit; they involve a number of health problems.

People who suffer from hypersomnia need treatment. It makes them feel sleepy during the day, even feeling sleepy after waking up.

Another cause of the phenomenon of sleeping is apnea. It destroys sleep at night and makes people fatigue and sleepiness during the day.

Above all, pressure, tension leads to trouble in sleeping. Since the symptoms of stress affect sleep, you easily get insomnia frequently and always crave sleep.

Finally, the use of alcohol or substance also makes you sleep too much.

The consequences of sleeping in bed late

The science has proven that sleeping in bed late relate to a health problem. One study showed that 9,000 Americans sleep too much and they increased by 50 percent the risk of diabetes. It is similar to the consequence for those who slept less than 5 hours per day. In addition, sleep too much leads to obesity risk. 21 percent is the figure you have to face the risk of weight gain if sleep much.

Heart disease leads to trouble sleeping. The risk is higher than 38 percent compared with people get enough sleep. Some health problems related to sleep as depression, headache and backache.

How to abandon?

Experts recommend that only 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, depending on age. If you were sleeping too much, some tips below can help you get up earlier as maintain regular routines each day and make stable in the body’s biological clock.

Put alarm many times to wake up. Set o’clock far from your bed, so you have to get out the warm blanket to clock off. Also, during the day, you just take a nap for about 30 minutes to 1 hour to sleep better.

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