The Clothes For A Nice Sleep

The tight clothes or pajamas with the waist part will not be beneficial for the secretion of sweat and temperature regulation of the body. Even, it also affects blood circulation in the long term and can lead to swelling, paralysis, etc.

In addition, the tight pajamas also make you feel cramped, frustrating, difficult to turn around or change position during sleep. Therefore, it also makes us more prone to nightmares. Therefore, please choose spacious and comfortable clothes when sleeping.

Elegant color clothes

The bright colors like bright red, yellow, orange can stimulate the nervous system and make us feel worried, they are not good for sleep. Besides, the dark pajamas often contain many chemicals, very harmful to the skin, and can lead to cancer.

You should choose elegant color clothes with pale pink, green, and beige. It can help us relax and make more comfortable.

Friendly material

Even in the cold weather season, you should choose the bed clothes with soft materials, thin and airy. The thickness material often increases friction with the bed that affects physical and makes us feel tired after waking up. Even, it also prevents the muscles relax and make us difficult to change posture, sleeping position. Besides, the chemical fiber fabrics, woolen can cause static electricity, irritation, decreased immunity and neurological disorders. Not only that, they do not absorb sweat, unhealthy benefits.

Therefore, when choosing pajamas, you should choose the natural material, breathable, absorb sweat well, do not irritate the skin and provides a soft feel and comfortable as silk, cotton.

Avoid instant dresses

Sleepwear often instant body, it is difficult for us to move, change your posture or back while sleeping. Especially, if you wear jewelry, instant dresses body can make them forced into the body. This does not only affect the bone but also affect the respiratory system, the body will easy get cold.

A separate pajamas is the right choice. It can help us sleep easier, and also very comfortable to turn around or change position.

In addition, you should also avoid pajamas with hat or collar. It will form the folds and rubbed into the body, squashed neck. This causes poor circulation, lack of blood to supply for the brain.

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