The Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze for Side Sleepers

Sleep is an essential activity for everyone in this world. Without sleep, the body cannot maximize its performance capabilities and that’s why we are all expected to get not less than 6 hours of sleep every night. While some can do with a little less of this general timing because their body systems are used to it already, others would rather add a few more hours to it in order to satisfy their body system cravings. The positions we take each time we sleep is another important aspect that must be considered. Most people prefer sleeping on their sides due to the comfort it affords them. The Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam is best suited for side sleeping and the following features conforms to that.

3 Inch Gel Foam with Sleep Cool Technology

The mattress has the properties of a memory foam combined with the benefits of cooling gel beads which are bonded with the mattress thereby ensuring its temperature remains cool throughout the night by allowing more airflow than the regular mattress. Apart from the coolness gel brings to the mattress, it also gives the mattress more strength so that side sleepers don’t sink into the bed.

High Quality and Durable 4-layer Construction

Dynasty mattress is made of high quality materials incorporated into 4 layers giving the mattress an elegant and durable look. Mattresses are items that should be purchased once in every home although some happen to have purchased more than once because they were either misled or wanted a cheap item. Remember that Quality and cost are interwoven whenever you want to purchase your mattress.

Luxurious White Covering with Brown Suede on Corners

I usually tell people that quality is complete when mixed with elegance and that is what you get with this mattress. The luxurious white covering with brown suede on its corners gives you the beauty and elegance you want in your bedroom. It instantly matches up with any color or design you have in your room adding to the class already in the room, or providing the class the room needs.

2 Free Gel Pillows Included

When you purchase this mattress, you get 2 gel pillows that matches its cover thereby saving you an extra $100 or thereabout. The pillows are as cool as the bed since they are made from the same materials and capable of lasting several years without compressing or losing value.

King Size Mattress for Two

Whether you are just getting married to your spouse or already have a kid, the dynasty mattress with W76″ x L80″ x H12″ is just big enough to accommodate you all. Some side sleepers do not maintain one side while asleep, they roll frequently on the bed making this mattress a perfect fit for them

In conclusion, this 3-inch gel foam has all the features you need for a comfortable sleep especially for side sleepers. Back and front sleepers can also benefit from the mattress so get yours today and start enjoying all the good things that come with sleep.

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