The maintenance Dos and Don’ts of mattress topper

A mattress topper is a great blessing to have for the comfort seekers. It enhances the quality of your sleep and also serves as a protective layer over our mattress. They allow us to take excellent rest and prepare us to take all the hectic challenges of the coming day. If you analyze well after using a quality mattress topper then you would probably rate it as the most important part of all the furniture present at your home. When it comes to the caring of our topper then most of us are found in the ‘set and forget’ kind of a mode. We hardly remember that when was the last time we washed our topper or when was the last time when we had flipped or rotated it.

However, if you have a closer look, then you will find that caring for your mattress is not such a big deal as it looks. There are a few crucial dos and don’ts and knowing and following such things would make your life much easier for the maintenance of your toppers. The Do’s should be religiously followed and the don’ts should be completely avoided to ensure hassle free maintenance of your mattress topper:

The Do’s of the mattress topper maintenance

The following are the major Do’s of the maintenance of the mattress toppers which must be followed:

  • Do a thorough vacuuming of your mattress topper at least once in every 3 months. You can consider doing more or less depending on the frequency of using the topper.
  • Do make use of a mattress topper cover if possible. It will make the cleaning process quite simple and seamless.
  • Do make sure to keep on flipping around your topper after every few weeks. This will keep all the sides proper and well maintained all through the years.
  • Do keep the bed-skirts or the bed sheets always well above the floor. This will avoid getting the dust mites or the bed bugs to the topper and the mattress underneath.
  • Do make use of the normal upholstery shampoo for the proper cleaning of your topper.
  • Do remove the bed sheets completely off the topper if you are planning to go for a long vacation.
  • Do ensure that you timely replace all the broken materials of your bedding system as an improper or an incompetent base could affect both the quality and the comfort of using your mattress topper.
  • Do allow proper ventilation to your topper before you take it for a wash. This will counter the entire unpleasant odor present in the topper.
  • Do look to give your mattress topper a few hours of bright sunshine. This will freshen up the topper and it would also treat it for different types of allergies, such as that of the dust mites.

The Don’ts of the mattress topper maintenance

The following are the significant Don’ts of the mattress topper maintenance which must be avoided:

  • Don’t look to drink, eat over your mattress topper. You must also avoid smoking over the unit. It’s better not to have such things used over your topper as there are chances you trip them onto the surface and it would be harmful.
  • Don’t look to remove the instructions tag/ label from the topper. You may need to refer it every now and then for proper maintenance.
  • Don’t ever try to use any of the dry cleaning chemicals, even it if comes from a renowned maker. As if you do so you may get your topper damage decolored or get affected in a harsh way. In order to keep it safe from any hazards you should be keeping that in mind.
  • Don’t try to bend or fold up your mattress too often or in too compact manner. It would make it feel lumpy and may not feel as comfortable as it was before.
  • Don’t allow your kids or anyone else to jump or even stand over the mattress topper. Standing or jumping could apply a lot of weight over the mattress topper at some particular spot and thus deteriorate its quality.

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