The science of the perfect nap

Many studies have demonstrated that a short nap can improve your memory, reduce stress and help you lose weight. But when is the right time and how to prepare a good sleep? Some tips below can give us some science methods.

Sleep on time

Napping is the most effective when the biological system is sagged. The reasonable period is proposed from 12 pm to 1 pm. The sleep is earlier or later can cause insomnia at night.

According to Michael A. Grandner, an expert on sleep and neuron Physiology University of Pennsylvania, USA, said that an ideal nap usually ranges from 20 to 30 minutes. If you sleep more, you will fall in deep sleep. When waking up, you have a sense of sluggish, do not want to continue to work after that. Therefore, you should try to give a napping habit for yourself and your brain.

Find and enjoy a nap

If you do not like or can not nap, let’s think about protecting and maintaining the health. The research of Michael A. Grandner also pointed out a few tips to make yourself familiar feeling in the office:

  • There is a soft and light blanket or pillow.
  • Investment for a nap by a lavender spray bottle, and spray in a pillow or sleeping space.

Although you are in a place other than the bedroom in your house, such as office, when exposed to the smell of lavender, your brain will feel sleepy. The studies at Wesleyan University, USA has demonstrated lavender will help us have a better sleep.

If you have tried many ways, but you still not get a nap, you should be calm. If you are wriggling and can not stop thinking, you should have gently relaxed, instead of sitting up and continue working with computers. The advice is that you close your eyes for 20 minutes and stretch the body, so the body will easily regain energy.

The effect of naps

Improve memory

According to a survey from Northwestern University, USA, people can play music with more accurately if they play after a nap.

Another study from the University of California San Diego, the United States, people often use food or drinks that contain caffeine will have a memory worse than those who take a nap.

Reduce stress

A Japanese research concluded that leave aside temporarily the pressures of work to go to nap helps people become wide awake and control work pressure.

A practical example in this study: the nurses are on night duty and take turn having two naps about 15-minute in 9-hour on duty, they will reduce stress and pressure more than the nurse did not have this mode.

Sleeping less will feel hungry more

Michael J. Breus, the author of weight-loss plan book, said that if we always get insomnia or lack of sleep, try to have short sleep and deep sleep cycle to complete the weight loss.

The researchers by the University of Chicago and Stanford has proven, when people sleep less, the amount of leptin will be reduced while the amount ghrelin increase. That is the reason why people feel hungry and think about food more than people who take a nap.


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