Why You Should Buy the Lucid Memory Foam Mattress

A lot of people argue daily over the best sleeping position and while some say it is the back, others claim it’s the front and side. In my own opinion, I’ll say side sleeping is the best because it puts virtually all parts of the body in their best positions. By sleeping on one side, you stand a high chance of breathing effortlessly, your arms are positioned in a way that won’t cause you pains, and your stomach is leaning towards the mattress. However, the issue with comfortable sleep doesn’t involve sleeping positions only, but the mattress and pillow on which you lay. The Lucid Memory Foam Mattress is one of those popular products today capable of making you enjoy every bit of your sleep and its features are listed below.

75 X 38 X 10 Inches

Its dimensions makes it a perfect fit to a standard bedroom. It is capable of accommodating a couple and probably their little baby comfortably while significantly improving the elegance of the room. Its 10-inch thickness made up of 7.5-inch base and 2.5-inch memory foam layer ensures that you always have a sweet long night; and apart from that, it also assures you of its durability too.

Open Cell Technology for Improved Air Flow

Sleeping on a mattress that feels warm every night can be extremely uncomfortable. I’ll rather sleep on the floor or on my couch than to lay on such a mattress. The open cell technology eliminates the problem associated with heat by allowing increased air flow within the mattress thereby keeping it cool and comfortable whenever you lay on it.

Quick Adjustments to Weight and Pressure

This is a feature every good mattress must possess. A mattress that cannot conform to the varying weights and pressures of people laying on it would feel like a plank of wood and this is not good because it’ll end up causing unwanted pains. Just imagine yourself laying on a desk in your office; you’ll definitely not be able to pass a complete 6-hour night’s rest there.

Certipur-US Certified

Before any product is released for public consumption, it has to be certified OK by relevant agencies in order to put customers mind at rest and this is the case for Lucid Memory Mattress. Certipur-US is a US agency responsible for testing furniture and foam materials ensuring that they are safe for delivery into the public. You can be sure a product is certipur certified by checking for its seal which should be somewhere around the product.

25 Years Unbeatable Warranty

25 years is a lot of time and I can assure you that a product with a warranty period of 25 years would surely live forever. It sums up the durability of this product because you’ll hardly find any company confident enough to offer this much period of warranty.


While some mattresses would cause you pains no matter the position you take while asleep, others are well-designed to cushion and adjust to your body weights and curves thereby eliminating all sort of possible pains. The Lucid Memory Mattress is surely one of them.

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